Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Help! I need your "Mommy" advice!

This sweet little thing stopped sleeping through the night about six weeks ago due to teething. The evil little teeth have made an entrance, but this time she is holding onto old habits and waking me up 2-3 times every night. All I have to do is turn on her music and find her binkie in the dark and she goes right back to sleep.(I know she shouldn't have a binkie anymore, but we were going to break that habit when I am not sick all day.) Anyways, short story long, I seem to have insomnia this pregnancy. It takes me HOURS to get back to sleep and when I finally do, she wakes me up again. The less sleep I get, the more sick I seem to be during the day. What can I do?

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Our Big Adventure for 2009

I have been a lot of things lately. I have been lazy, cranky, tired, sick, and have developed a talent for disappearing soon after we arrive at church. I am so sorry to any of you I may have blown off anytime in the last couple months. I have been busy building this.

Much like the first one, this one doesn't want me to be me for awhile. It wants me to be sick. Hopefully in another couple weeks I can convince It that It will have a much more comfortable ride for the next while if It is nicer to me. I have faith that eventually It will listen, after all, what can be more stubborn than me?!?

Baby #2 is due July 23, but I have an angel doctor who has already agreed to induce labor sooner so that I don't give birth to another toddler. What a good doctor!

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Welcome 2009!

I have been a total blog slacker, and I have a good excuse, but that is a story for another day. We had a very merry Christmas at our house, but because we were trying to get some video we neglected the camera. I just realized we don't have even one Christmas picture for Rae's scrapbook. My mom of the year award is already in the mail.

As 2008 came to a close, I began to reflect on the changes it brought throughout the year. It was about this time last year that Rae was finally overcoming her colic...and what a blessing that was. I like to think of it as the beginning of a wonderful friendship. As the economy suffered, our family stumbled upon tight times as well. Jeff and I have come closer together and I have found that he and Rae really are the greatest joy in my life. We are also so grateful for supportive family and friends who understand and love me in spite of my sometimes stress induced grouchiness.

I love that a new year gives me a good reason to try and make simple changes to better my life. My goals this year are really quite vague. No weight goals this year. They don't ever work out for me. In 2009 I would like to be more prepared. I want to always feel like I can take care of my family. I am sure that just a little prep time on my part would help me breath easier during those "hard" weeks life throws my way. My other goal is kinda one of my deepest darkest secrets...so don't judge. I never clean my house. I almost can't remember what color my carpet is. I have a heart attack anytime there is a knock on the door because someone might see in. I am tired of feeling that way. I want to be proud to welcome visitors in my home...or at least the downstairs part of it.

I am excited to see what adventures 2009 will have to offer. Can't wait to create more wonderful memories with family and friends!!

(How is that for a totally long boring post that may be lacking vital information? Check back in a few days for pictures and an exciting story!)