Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Quick trip to Cali

Rae and I decided last week to head to California with Kami and Douglas to stay with Joel and Kristina in their beach house. We had planned on going this week, but decided last minute to head out early. Cupcakes were made (can't drive without some good eats!), bags were packed, and we were on the road two hours after deciding to go. It was a ton of work, and I may have thought I was going into labor, but luckily it took awhile to get there so I had PLENTY of time to relax! Surprisingly enough, traveling with a one year old and a three year old is not bad...if you have a DVD player! Anyways, California was beautiful. The weather was perfect, unlike here. The company was the best. We had a blast! Thanks everyone for entertaining us for a few days. We can't wait to do it again!!

(Never mind my fat preggo self in the pictures. At least Rae is cute...)