Saturday, July 18, 2009

Indroducing Laynee Adalia Johnson!!

We have been home for a few days now, and are all feeling great. (It is amazing how much difference two pounds can make on a delivery!) Laynee made her debut Tuesday afternoon weighing in at 7 lbs 10 oz and measuring 21 inches. I was only in labor for about six hours, and only pushed for 10 minutes. Talk about having energy to spare afterwards!! She is such a good baby so far and we are so glad she is finally here!!! Now we are just waiting for the novelty of a new baby to wear off. If Rae is awake, Laynee needs protecting from all of Rae's affection. At least they are starting out as friends...I wonder how many years that will last for me!?!

Monday, July 13, 2009

Tomorrow is the big day. Hospital scheduled for 5 AM. I am super nervous about pitocin, I didn't have to have it with Rae's delivery. I have that feeling that I am forgetting something...that everything isn't ready. I can't wait to meet that sweet baby though (hopefully she is sweet). Here's to hoping she will be the cuddler her sister never was!!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Venter Update...

I was able to take my dad's car in to the mechanic. We were able to fix our Camry for a mere $15. I slept from 9:00 last night until 8:00 today. Today is a new day, and it will be a million times better!! The doctor won't let me go past my due date, but he won't induce me early either. Right now, that is my only frustration...and I can deal with it for now! Happy face and smiles all around!!