Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Pretty Pretties

Rae wears these around the house all day. When you ask her where her pretties are she finds these and puts them on. I guess I have a girlie girl on my hands...who likes to be filthy and play in the dirt too. What a sweetheart!

Beach fun-freezing style!

Back at the beginning of October, we went and camped on the beach with most of Jeff's family. Although we usually go during the summer, we were hoping to escape some of the summer heat this year. We succeeded. We froze our tootsies off almost every night we were there. I guess San Diego decided to have a cold front and didn't tell us. We were NOT prepared to say the least. Although after dark was cold, the days were beautiful! We were able to enjoy a few good days on the beach, as well as a Sunday afternoon at the San Diego temple, a day at Sea Port Village, and a day at Knott's Berry Farm. I was worried that Rae would be a handful, and she was, but she enjoyed every minute of our vacation. Here are some of our pictures in no particular order.

For journaling sake...while we were at Knott's, we took Rae on her first "Roller Coaster" (or log ride). It was similar to Splash Mountain at Disney only a little less cartoon and a little more creepy. We were in the log and on our way up to the top when...the ride stops. We are at this point thinking that they just need to get the other boat farther in front of us, no big deal that we are at a very uncomfortable upward angle. About five minutes later they come and inform us that the ride was broken, and rescue us through backstage off the ride. Then the park closed. Sorry Rae. You will have to wait until later to ride your first coaster.