Friday, April 17, 2009

Mommy timeout...

The day I thought I had successfully avoided came today. When I put in my contacts after my shower all I could see all over the carpet, my leg, and the wall was poop. Apparently Rae went mining in her diaper and struck gold while I was showering. After scolding her, cleaning her up, and then cleaning up the mess (and showering again) I was still furious. I find myself sitting in mommy timeout blogging away my frustration. Very therapeutic. Now that she has found how much fun her poop is should I expect this again in the future?!?

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Easter 2009

We had a pretty uneventful Easter this year, but it was still packed with food, family and fun! We started our festivities at Grandma & Grandpa McKee's house with dyeing eggs. Rae decided the egg dye was much too delicious to waste on eggs. We all thought she would be done after her first bite of vinegar, but she kept going untill she had eaten half of the orange bowl!

When she finished with the dye she decided to go play in the dirt with cousin Alexa.
When all the daddies got off work, Grandma volunteered to hide eggs. I was not too hopeful that Rae would have any intrest in finding them, but she suprised us again. She needed no explanation, and there was no slowing her down. She ran like a crazy woman until all the eggs were found.
On Sunday the Easter Bunny visited our house and left Rae a little basket. She LOVED the Pez he brought her (gross!). She also loved the bubbles, although she just laughes at them and doesn't try to pop them.
We forgot to get pictures of her in her Easter dress before church (can we even begin to say how hard two o'clock church is and how naps rarely happen on Sundays anymore), but got some afterwards on her cousin's camera. When I can get my hands on those copies maybe we will post how cute she was...tears and all.