Wednesday, January 27, 2010

All about my troubles!

That's right. My troubles, aka kids. I guess troublemakers would be a more appropriate name. They are growing up too fast and not fast enough. I am always amazed as Rae gets older how the "trouble" changes. I love my girls like crazy and can't even imagine where I would be without them, so this post is all about them!


being outside
The Little Mermaid
Climbing out of her crib
hiding things from mom and dad behind her back


We FINALLY took away all of her "boppies", or pacifiers. She has only had them at night for over a year now, but she is WAY TOO OLD for them at all. I have been scared to take them because she couldn't go to sleep without one, just the thought of taking them made me tired. The final straw broke this week when she threw a fit because I wouldn't let her have it all day. I took them and hid them all. She wasn't very happy about not having it (and still begs for it all day and especially at bedtime) but it has been a very easy transition.


Six month stats
Length: 28 in 100%+
Weight: 15.1lbs 75%

sitting up
being held
sweet potatoes (she hasn't tried anything else yet)

anyone but mom holding her
tummy time

Laynee is still not rolling over. For some reason neither of my kids have ever mastered this one skill. Must be something I do wrong. Anyways, if she doesn't figure it out soon we will be off to see a specialist. Personally I don't think anything is wrong, but being cautious is never a bad thing. Hopefully we won't have to go all the way to Phoenix like we would have had to with Rae...
Laynee is such a different child from her sister. Rae was always a "go with the flow" kinda kid (once she got over the colic anyways). Laynee is a sensitive little thing. She is upset very easily and only mom can clam her down. Lucky for me though, she is like Rae and I in one way. She LOVES to go places. She is always so much happier anywhere but home. She loves to see new places and meet new people, as long as she is in the safety of mommy's arms. Sometimes it bugs, but mostly I try to just love on her. Eventually she will be an independent toddler like Rae and I will cry for my clingy little baby...

Christmas 2009

Here we are a month after Christmas and I can't remember too much to journal about. It was the first Christmas without G&G Johnson because they are now in Norway. We missed them so much! There just wasn't anyone for the kids to act out Luke 2 with. Next year I will have to be more on the ball and plan something so we don't miss out on that important opportunity again (not likely, I'm not that good...). Since I can't remember too much about it I will just post the pics and try to finish another post for a real update...