Friday, February 25, 2011

Not what it should be...


I can't believe it has been four months since I posted. So much has happened since Halloween. Thanksgiving was here at our house, but it was just my mom's family so that was no big deal. Even with all my siblings and their kids, my aunt's family, and my parents and grandma, we still had nowhere near the number of people we have for Jeff's family's Sunday night dinners that we host monthly. My MIL is a SAINT for doing it weekly, because it really is alot of work.

Christmas was SO BUSY! Between parties and sickness we were busy what seemed like every night in December. Luckily, we were all healthy on Christmas. Within about two days we all had the "true flu" though, which WAS NOT how we had planned to spend Jeff's week off work (although it was kinda nice to have him home to help with kids while we were all so sick).

I was really hoping that things would slow down with the holidays behind us, but that has not been the case. It seems like there is always something to prep for, or some family function to attend. As much as I LOVE to be busy, I am ready for a vacation from busy. We gave up Rae's naptime a few months ago, so she is my constant companion and shadow. She was having a hard time going to sleep at night, and no nap has definitely remedied that problem. I am just grateful Laynee still takes a good nap. She has had such anxiety the last few months when I am not an arms length away, that I REALLY relish my moments that she isn't in my arms or screaming to be in my arms. With kids constantly in my grill, it takes me longer to do anything. Cooking, cleaning, but especially blogging are often overwhelming when I decide to try to play catch up. (I only write this now, because I broke to broom trying to kill a bee Rae let in the house. It really dampened my resolve to mop tonight since I can't finish sweeping.) If for some reason you have read this far, look for updates on each of my kiddos in the next week. They are growing up too fast, and I am afraid I am going to forget how fun they can be at this age!