Monday, November 8, 2010

Halloween 2010

The year of Tinkerbell. My little green fairies were by far the cutest I have ever seen, and I am most surely NOT biased! This was our first year really getting candy. Last year we didn't think Rae was old enough so we only went to a few trunks. This year we went to two trunk-or-treats and came home with the motherload of candy. Unfortunately for the girls, most of it was taken to give out to our cub scouts and most of the rest of it will be used to bribe Rae to sit on the potty (and maybe someday she will actually WANT to). All in all, a fantastic Halloween full of good food, great company, and really cute kids!

Children's Museum of Phoenix

Turned out to be So.Much.Fun! I am so glad I decided we would give it a try even though our Culture Pass couldn't get us all in free!

Out of the mouth of Rae

The other night, Jeff and I were laying in bed talking to Rae before we put her to sleep. We were talking about hair. I was asking Rae what color everyone's hair is, naming people one by one. That turned into "Does baby CJ have hair?" and "Does Laynee have hair?". Jeff then asked her, "Does Daddy have hair?". Without hesitation, she replied, "yeah, but just a little bit." She meant that Jeff has short hair, but we were both incapable of stifling our laughter!