Monday, November 30, 2009

Vampires in my home??

Upon closer inspection, Laynee has cut three teeth. All of them are eyeteeth. That officially makes her my sweet vampire baby!

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Where has the time gone??

It seems like just a few weeks ago we were transitioning to being a family of four. Time is flying, and while some days that is such a comforting thought, today it makes me sad. My babies are growing up. Rae is two and rambunctious, emotional, and so loving. She can't get enough of her super mean mom, her daddy's fun games, or kisses from her baby sister. Laynee is four months old now. She loves playing with faces, playing in her jumper, and eating. She just cut her first tooth, and I think there may be a second one, but they are both at the back of her mouth and she screams when I try to get a good look. She hasn't had any "food" yet, but she is starting to be very interested in what is on our plates at mealtime. I am not sure how much longer I can hold off on giving her cereal. She is still such a good baby, although she has recently found her voice and loves to let us know when she is bored. We were so excited to bless her this month and have most of our family there. Jeff gave her a beautiful blessing. My favorite part was that she would grow up to be a good friend to her mother. I would love to think my girls could be my best friends someday! Her four month stats are as follows:
length 27 inches 100+%
weight 13.5lbs 50%

We were also able to go camping a few months ago. Obviously it was Laynee's first camping trip (she was only about 10 weeks old), but it was also Rae's first time camping someplace other than the beach. We had SO.MUCH.FUN! It was freezing at night, but beautiful during the day. Rae loved being able to just run, and loved even more that Grandpa was there to run with her! Both girls slept so well. We can't wait to plan another camping trip when it warms up a bit!

Monday, November 2, 2009

Halloween 2009

We had a blast this Halloween. Rae is finally old enough to eat some candy so we hit up both grandparents houses for trick-or-treating and then headed to Grandma's trunk-or-treat. No matter how much I worked with her she refused to say anything until she already had the candy,and that was followed with a polite thank you. (Then she would stick her bucket out for more...forget moving on to the next trunk!) Laynee just was dragged along for all the fun, and she was so good. She loved smiling and cooing at anyone who would give her any attention! I may be a little biased, but I had the cutest bumblebees in the world!!