Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Jumping on the bandwagon...

I have decided to go private. I have been getting really weird comments lately and trying to delete them as fast as I can, but they keep coming back. It is time to protect my kiddos from the strangers out there...

Leave me a comment or send me an email if you want an invite. I have comment moderation on for the privacy of your email. I got your back! ;)

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Seize the day...hug your kids!

Sunday was our first Sunday in our new ward. The ward seemed so super friendly and everyone was so eager to introduce themselves. I think we are really going to like it here. We got up for our 8AM block, enjoyed church (mostly out in the hall for me because Laynee wouldn't nap), came home for lunch and naps. Jealous? We ALL take naps on Sundays at this house. After Jeff, Rae, and I woke up we decided to watch a Sunday afternoon movie. We were laying on the couch when out of the blue Jeff started screaming for help. I jump up to find him laying Rae down on the floor...and she was having a full blown seizure. As this is not her norm, I sprinted down the hall, grabbed the phone, and called 911. She was still seizing when I got back. At some point she had stopped breathing, so we turned her to her side. As soon as she was turned she started vomiting all over the floor. She threw up quite a bit, and when she finally stopped vomiting, she turned blue. Around her eyes and lips was beyond blue, more a blueberry black color. We were terrified. She finally stopped seizing. We were getting ready to start CPR when she took a very ragged breath. Not more than one minute later the paramedics were through the door and working on her. As they were taking her vitals, they called an ambulance. Rae and I rode in the ambulance to Banner Desert. On the way there, the paramedics gave her an IV because her heart rate was at 220 and not coming down. In the 15 minutes it took to get her to the hospital, her temperature went from 99.2 to 104. We waited at the hospital for six hours while they took blood and urine tests. While we were waiting, our new neighbor came to the hospital to help give Rae a blessing. We are so grateful that he listened to the prompting to come, as after the blessing we all felt more peaceful about the whole situation. The doctors couldn't find anything that would be causing her fever. They sent us home with the diagnosis of a viral infection and febrile seizure. We watched her so closely all night to try and keep her fever from spiking again. She had another small seizure Monday morning, but has since broken the fever. We are so grateful for family, that were able to take Laynee overnight. We are so grateful that it happened in this house and not QC. The paramedics were here in less than five minutes, but at our old house it would have been 15. I am so grateful for a 911 operator who was able to keep me calm to work through the situation. Mostly, we are so grateful it wasn't more serious. We are so grateful we still have a stubborn, angry, perfect Rae in our lives. It has been a little easier to just sit and love my kids this week. I am grateful for all the hugs, kisses, and time we have shared. I love both my babies sooo much!

(I have really sad pictures of Rae at the hospital, but I don't have a camera cord to upload the pictures with...maybe later when I can find the cord in the sea of boxes...)